Working Groups and management structure

Working Groups: It was decided in the first meeting to merge WG3 (adjuvants for veterinary vaccines) into WG1 and WG2 and to also split into prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines. This will help to overcome the separation of human and veterinary field and promote the one-health approach.

Overview of the working groups and management structure: 

Core group (Chair, Vice Chair, WG leaders and Vice Leaders, Science Communication Manager, STSM Manager, Training School Manager):

  • Chair: Maria Lawrenz
  • Vice chair: Dennis Christensen
  • Grant holder: Nicolas Collin
  • WG1 chair: Anita Milicic
  • WG1 vice: Ed Lavelle and Thorunn Olafsdottir
  • WG2 chair: Virgil Schijns
  • WG2 vice: Stephane Paul
  • STSM manager: Brankica Filipic
  • Training school manager: Siobhán McClean
  • Communication: Tor Gjøen

WG1: Adjuvants for human and veterinary prophylactiv vaccines:

  • Anita Milicic (United Kingdom - Leader)
  • Ed Lavelle (Ireland- Vice Leader)
  • Thorunn Olafsdottir (Iceland- Vice Leader)

WG2: Adjuvants for human and veterinary therapeutic vaccines:

  • Virgil Schijns (The Netherlands- Leader)
  • Stephane Paul (France - Vice Leader)
  • Ihsan Gursel (Turkey - Vice Leader)

Communication and Dissemination Group:

  • Tor Gjoen (Norway - Science Communication Manager)
  • Group members: Lieke Van der Aa (Belgium) / Maria Lawrenz (United Kingdom) / Olesja Bondarenko (Estonia)

STSM Committee:

  • Brankica Flilipic (Serbia - STSM Manager),
  • Group members: Siobhán McClean (Ireland) / Jacob Pitcovski (Israel) / Maya Guncheva (Bulgaria) / Brankica Filipic (Serbia) / Antonio Molinaro (Italy)

Training School Committee:

  • Siobhán McClean (Ireland – Training School Manager)
  • Group members: Malgorzata Kesik-Brodacka (Poland) / Jacob Pitcovski (Israel) / Maya Guncheva (Bulgaria) / Brankica Filipic (Serbia) / Antonio Molinaro (Italy)


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