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Brankica Filipic has been awarded with VN Grant and to represent ENOVAs plans for virtual activities.

ENOVA activities have been restricted due to COVID-19 pandemic and for that reason, virtual networking aims to move on and progress toward ENOVA objectives and deliverables. COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the importance of the vaccine development and virtual ENOVA meetings are needed to exchange knowledge on technologies for the development of vaccines and vaccine adjuvants for emerging infectious diseases, including COVID-19. Interactive virtual meeting will also enable participants to discuss on COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and vaccine rollout among different European and Near Neighbour Countries. Besides that, ENOVA will continue to bridge different vaccine fields: prophylactic, therapeutic and veterinary vaccines and to expand links among vaccine researchers and vaccine developers by organizing 4th Adjuvant ENOVA Workshop as hybrid meeting.

All virtual events will be promoted on ENOVA website and circulated through the network what may:

  • Help all remote participants to overcome actual travel difficulties and attend the meetings in virtual environment;
  • Encourage attendance of broader audience including Early Career Investigators (ECI) and researchers from Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC) and Near Neighbor Country (NNC);
  • Support continuation of the network activities.

Important part of the virtual networking activities will be to support the application, evaluation process and coordination of Virtual Mobility Grants (VMGs) in order to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange within ENOVA network. Early Career Investigators (ECI) and candidates from the Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC) will have priority in selection process, but all ENOVA participants are encouraged to apply for Virtual Mobility Grants (VMGs).

In conclusion, virtual networking is of great importance for the continuation of ENOVA activities to the mutual benefit of both-ENOVA action and participants.

VN Grant was awarded to Dr Brankica Filipic, ECI and MC member from Serbia which belongs to ITC.

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Published Oct. 13, 2021 10:04 AM - Last modified Oct. 13, 2021 10:08 AM