Open Webinar

Vaccines for COVID19 and other Emerging Pathogens”. This open Online Webinar will be held on the 14th July 2021, provisionally from 10 AM CET – 3 PM CET (with an hour break).

Programme poster:

 Part One: Technologies for the Development of vaccines in response to emerging pathogens

Ihsan Gursel: VLP Vaccine Development efforts against COVID-19

Eloise Nee: Adjuvants for dealing with emerging pathogens - literature review

Gerrit Borchert: Formulation development of SARS-CoV-2 S pDNA vaccines

Carmen Alvarez-Dominguez: Nanoparticles in vaccine formulations for emerging pathogens

Stephanie Longet: Preclinical models to validate COVID-19 vaccines

Celine Lemoine: VFI Adjuvants in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Ana Falcon: CrisBio©: A new platform for emerging pathogens vaccine production. Influenza virus data

 Part Two: COVID-19 Vaccine acceptance and rollout among different European populations

Ed Lavelle: Vaccine attitudes and rollout in Ireland

Brankica Filipic: Vaccine attitudes and rollout in Serbia

Slavcho Mrenoshki: Vaccine attitudes and rollout in Macedonia and Italy

Dennis Christensen: TBD

 We thank all speakers who volunteered to present their work.


 Please note that this webinar is open to everyone, please register with Falco Apel if you would like to participate.

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