Management Structure

The ENOVA Management Structure involves three levels:

-A. Management Committee (MC) - includes the Action Chair, Vice-chair, Work Group-leaders, and the National Representatives. In the MC all formally binding decisions are taken, such as approval of the Action Budget. The MC will operate according to the rules and regulations of the COST Action and will ensure that the overall principles, as well as criteria and goals defined by the Memorandum of Understanding, are respected. 

-B. Core Group (CG) - includes the Action Chair, the Vise-chair, the Work Group (WG) leaders, Communication leader and the Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) coordinator.  The CG is a collective "orchestra conductor", giving the pulse to the whole Action. Its main tasks is to ensure a translation of overall principles, criteria and goals into necessary day-to-day practical operations. Members of the CG have regular conference calls . Their role is to ensure the necessary coordination between the scientific activities of the different Working Groups.

-C. Working Groups (WG) - each WG is chaired by a Leader and one (or more) Substitute-leaders. THe Leaders were elected by the MC during its first meeting, the Substitute-leaders are elected within each WG. The WG's organize the scientific work of the Action, including the main events (meetings and workshops).The WG-leaders have agreed to fulfill their responsibilities based on the principles and guidelines described in the following Code of Conduct. They are ultimately responsible for the inclusion of the new members and the allocation of scarce funds concerning the participation to the Action's meetings.



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